New Payments Screen Resets

The new payment screen when paying to another Monzo user resets the form after a few seconds. This is similar to the bug I reported with the categories: Categorising New Payments so I’d imagine it’s using similar functionality

Details to reproduce:
Select the “Payments” tab, “Pay someone” and then select someone to pay (who also has a Monzo account), you fill out the details (amount and reference) but if you don’t do it quick enough, after about 5 seconds or so the whole form just resets and clears everything you’ve inputted into the form
OS: Android
Device: Google Pixel 7 Pro
App Version: 5.64.0

Screenshots: N/A

This doesn’t happen to me, same version of the app as you but on a Pixel 8 Pro.

Hmm interesting…i just tried again and it didn’t clear the form this time. It’s happened to me a couple of times so i’m not sure on how to consistently reproduce it anymore