Bug: Categories don't save when entered at point of sending money

For a little while now I’ve noticed that when I send money from the app and am asked to categorise the transaction, the category doesn’t save. Instead, when I go to look at that transaction from the home page, it’s categorised as General.

I can change the category for it (or any transaction) from that page and it will then save correctly. Also, automatic categorising for card purchases seem to be working fine - applying themselves and saving. It is only when the app asks me to categorise a transaction at the time of making it that it doesn’t save. This used to work OK so I’m assuming it was an update along the way that stopped it working.

I’m on Android - Moto G 5S Plus, Android 7.1.1, app version 1.22.1

My partner, also on Android, is having the same issue. I don’t have his phone to check the info right now


Hey @kpwxx :wave:, Monzo are aware of this issue and are still working on a fix I believe. @HughWells explained why the categories don’t save for bank transfers a few months back:

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Ah, wonderful thanks! I did try searching for an existing thread but didn’t manage to find one. I guess I misremembered that it used to work!!

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If you need to discuss this further, please post any comments in the topic that Adam’s shared a link to.