Bank transfer category bug 🐞

I’ve noticed a bug with the current account when sending bank transfers. Once sent, the option to choose a category is presented, but doesn’t seem to be stored. When you click on the transaction it’s categorised under General :blush:
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I think this has been reported before but I can’t find it…I know I’ve mentioned it before though. Would have thought that would be fixed by now as it was an issue in beta

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I’ve noticed this too.

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Yup, same here (on Android for me). It isn’t a biggie because I just go and categorise it correctly afterwards but it is a bit annoying - especially as it goes to the effort of asking what category it’s for, then ignores it.

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Should also add in here for the Devs that I’m also on Android :ok_hand:

I’m using iOS and have the same bug. Maybe a server issue instead.

I can confirm that this is something we’re aware of and will be fixing in the new year!

Groovy :call_me_hand: Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

There is a reason why this happens :wink:

The way Faster Payments work is when we initiate a transfer to another bank, they send us a response to say yes/no to the transfer. Only at that point does money actually move from your account and into our settlement account, ready for the other bank to collect at the next clearing cycle.

What that means is that when you are presented with the category chooser, the transaction hasn’t actually been completed - money hasn’t changed hands and therefore the category you select isn’t actually saved, because at that point there is nothing to save it against.
Only when you receive the push notification has your transfer been accepted by the other bank and therefore a transaction created :+1:

So, it’s more a missing/broken feature than a bug in the traditional sense but as @Jim1701 says, it is being fixed!


That’s cool! Cheers for the explanation, enjoy hearing how the insides work :nerd_face:

That’s a very helpful explanation! Perhaps the correct flow then should be:

  • DON’T present the category picker for Faster Payments just after it’s been sent. Throw them to that screen after the FPS goes through as yes.


  • Keep existing flow, but remember the choice made once the FPS payment goes through.

I made a few payment transfers to other people recently. At the end of each transaction, I’m asked to categorise the payment. But whatever I choose, it shows up in my spending as “General” and I have to categorise the transaction again.