✅ Incoming payment categorised as "Missing"

Received two payments this morning and instead of appearing as the default General category, they were flagged as Missing. Could be monzo.me payments.

Details to reproduce:
Not sure - transfers received until yesterday were all the same as ever.

Android 10

Samsung Galaxy S10e

App Version:


Might be a custom category blip

Heya @sfmorris :wave:

Could you message in via the in-app chat for us?

That’ll make it easier for us to grab a few more details and hopefully begin narrow down what the cause of this missing category is :crossed_fingers:

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I also had this for one of my business account purchases. Can’t recall any details about it now though unfortunately. I just changed it to the right one and forgot about it.

Good news! :tada:

This has been fixed by our engineers :hammer_and_wrench: it’s a backend fix so no need to wait for a new update in the Play Store either :wink:

These “Missing” categories will now appear as “General” :relieved:

Cheers for the report!