Refunds after CASS


My switch from my old bank should be going through next week but I’m due a refund onto my card after my switch date.
Will the refund onto my card still get forwarded in the same way a bank transfer would?


It should make its way to your new account, yes :grin::tada:

CASS is pretty clever :wink:

Just give it the usual ‘up to 7 days’ for a refund and you should be golden :smiley::money_mouth_face:


I thought it was just refunds/payments to the account and not card that were automatically redirected :thinking: In the same way card payments can’t be redirected

Will try and find where I read that

I had a refund to my old card post the CASS switch and after the old account had closed. It came through fine with the label “residual payment” So it should be fine.


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