Cashpoint failed to give me my money and then took my cash card as well

I know the machines can record if the money is pulled back in but I don’t know whether it’s an automated process or manual reconciliation process. It would be obvious that the amount of money in the machine doesn’t match the money in the machine.

I think I found my next topic for a long form post, but @rarther has exactly the right idea for the possible scenarios from the ATM operator’s perspective. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the record, eight weeks is the maximum time a dispute cycle takes, a vast majority of ATM issues are resolved well within 1–2 weeks when either the authorisation hold is released by us because the operator never reversed the authorisation and also never collected the money, or the ATM operator performs manual/batch reconciliation and notices the error, puts it in the next batch to refund, etc.

(Now you’ve reminded me that I kind of want an old-ish ATM to pull apart and teach people about how fascinating they are…)


Freeze your card, and order a replacement card!

Still waiting for money back bring month now

They saying there have 30days to dispute the other bank then get my money back

Not help full if happen to u see how u feel

It’s the correct advice though. Nobody on here can help with this I’m afraid, as we’re all just customers like you.

Keep chasing them in app and I’m sure it will be resolved soon :slight_smile:


This bank is always painfully slow when something goes wrong. Hopefully the changes they’re making to the times on stuff like this well help them get their act together.

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To add it’s real sad what happened to this guy, wont go into it here but if you do some digging you can find out. RIP aussie50

Hello, please could you let me know if you got it back and if so how long did it take. Same situation with me and would be great to know if its likely to be refunded or not , cheers.


Stop spamming the post

When the machine reconciles if it’s in credit then it’ll report back and the money will arrive back.

You can let monzo know but they can’t do anything until the machine is either checked over by whoever owns it or until it provides an update on its own. Monzo will contact them to start the process if required.

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That’s funny as you had 3 posts in a row all about the same thing. Now you only have 1.

So yes it was, but it’s out of context now as 2 posts have vanished from view

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Read the post I replied to the actual answers are on the link. Read the rest of the thread the answers are on that

There’s so many factors involved. As you’ve seen in this thread everyone has different time frames, so nobody is going to be able to give you the answer.

All you can do is wait for the ATM provider to follow their processes.

Also, this is really no different to asking on Facebook. None of us work for Monzo and you’re not in the app.

My, limited, experience in this area is that if the customer is not ‘trying it on’ then the money gets refunded by the ATM operator. The majority of ATM machines are so sophisticated and have so much technology to mitigate against people fraudulent claiming non-dispense that if a customer has a genuine problem then they’ll get the money back.

Sadly, and I’m not accusing anybody whose posted on this thread, but we see a lot of people claiming fraudulently that the ATM hasn’t dispensed their money. Sadly that means we don’t refund upfront, and await the ATM provider to either reverse the authorisation or for the transaction to present. If the transaction presents then we’ll raise a chargeback. Sometimes the ATM provider realises during the chargeback process that there was an error and refunds, equally as often they have compelling evidence that the ATM withdrawal was successful (& sadly sometimes this because somebody walked away from the cash machine forgetting to take the money and somebody else swiped it before the machine could suck it back in!).

Growing up my Dad always taught me to get a receipt from a cash machine - but really that doesn’t mean a lot!


I suppose the getting a receipt stops someone else pocketing the money at least :thinking: I’ve not used one in a while but the receipt always came after the money part. So if it goes back in you know that’s where the cash went and the next person behind you isn’t pocketing it.


That’s true enough! I can’t remember the last time I withdrew money at an ATM though :joy:


I once asked for £20 at an Abbey ATM, and £200 came out, all folded up and with a slice through the notes. The guy in the branch almost fell off his chair when I walked in to give £180 of it back :joy:

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Say you weren’t honest and you didn’t give the money back, what would happen next?

Could the bank debit the £180 from your account if they saw you with the extra cash on CCTV? Would they even be able to verify that is was £180 you took?

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