Cashpoint failed to give me my money and then took my cash card as well

Barclays or a Halifax would would would find your money straight away no not not 8-weeks waiting time other friends what does happened to with a normal bank account high Street Bank the time to get the money back in the same day they phone up so I don’t know where you’re from

Happened with me with Santander and took about a month

Luckily it was only £20

Apparently, it is only when an engineer comes round and counts it all up etc. Which I imagine is less frequently due to COVID.

Some banks are offering interest free overdraft, Monzo might if you explain the situation

It happened to my mate with that bank it was 250 and he got it back the same day

Barclays: 4 days, or 12 if not their cash machine (
HSBC: “number of days” -

Kinda the only info I can find. Guess it all is a matter of risk analysis for a lot of these banks etc. :slight_smile: And might seem like a regular fraud vector –

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Harping on about it here won’t unfortunately speed up the process, all you can do is keep up the contact with in app chat and see what else they can do whilst waiting for the return to come through

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I work for an ATM operator and their reconciliation of transactions (both successful and unsuccessful) is fully automated.

When you click on the amount you want to withdraw the ATM will query Monzo to ask if it has permission to charge your account £300. If it is a ‘yes’ then your Monzo app will instantly show a £300 ATM charge to you, however the ATM still needs to count out the money and record the dispense on tiny cctv cameras within the machine before they actually charge you.

When the ATM confirms to itself that the money has been dispensed it will ‘present’ the charge to Monzo and actually take the £300.

The most likely scenario is that the ATM has asked if it can charge £300, Monzo has given permission, but then the ATM has crashed before dispensing, so the ATM has not confirmed the withdrawal and will not charge your account, however Monzo are still waiting there not knowing for sure if a £300 charge will come through or not. Meanwhile, you are left with £300 no longer showing as available in your account.

I think it is 7 days when Monzo’s authorisation lapses and it will appear as a refund. Alternatively, either party can manually terminate the authorisation which would instantly appear as a refund on your account. Some ATM machines will terminate the authorisation themselves when they come back online and therefore it will appear as a refund shortly after the charge.

The ‘worst case scenario’ (the scenario they quoted in their stock response) is where there is an actual charge made and an ongoing dispute about whether it was dispensed correctly or at all, where the ATM provider has to pull up all the camera footage etc… This is very rare (at least at my ATM provider) and it is not in anyone’s interest for it to go into an investigation, so you are unlikely to wait anywhere near this long and it’s most likely a case of Monzo not being sure if a £300 charge is about to arrive or not.

You should ask Support if the transaction has finalised or if it is still pending. If it is still pending after days then it is probably never going to be charged and Monzo support have the ability to revoke the authorisation if they want to and have the money show on your account again. They may choose not to though as £300 is a lot higher than the average withdrawal and they will not have any decline receipt to back up their decision.

They have actually revoked an ATM authorisation for me back in the past, so they can do it, but I think nowdays they may be more weary of people just saying the ATM never dispensed anything, and getting stuck with the bill if it does come through.

We need to understand that Monzo are also incentivised to come up with a blanket rule to solve all the fiddly ATM queries (eg. “The money should be returned within 3 months, please don’t bother us until then”), rather than having hundreds of COps looking into the specifics of individual cases and making judgement calls on each one.

It’s an annoying problem to have but there is an extremely high chance you’ll have it back within a week.

Please come back to let us know how you get on!


What happens if the person forgets to take the cash, and the machine ‘eats’ it back? Does it get counted in again, or require some sort of reconciliation when the machine is next refilled?

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I know the machines can record if the money is pulled back in but I don’t know whether it’s an automated process or manual reconciliation process. It would be obvious that the amount of money in the machine doesn’t match the money in the machine.

I think I found my next topic for a long form post, but @rarther has exactly the right idea for the possible scenarios from the ATM operator’s perspective. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the record, eight weeks is the maximum time a dispute cycle takes, a vast majority of ATM issues are resolved well within 1–2 weeks when either the authorisation hold is released by us because the operator never reversed the authorisation and also never collected the money, or the ATM operator performs manual/batch reconciliation and notices the error, puts it in the next batch to refund, etc.

(Now you’ve reminded me that I kind of want an old-ish ATM to pull apart and teach people about how fascinating they are…)


Freeze your card, and order a replacement card!

Still waiting for money back bring month now

They saying there have 30days to dispute the other bank then get my money back

Not help full if happen to u see how u feel

It’s the correct advice though. Nobody on here can help with this I’m afraid, as we’re all just customers like you.

Keep chasing them in app and I’m sure it will be resolved soon :slight_smile:


This bank is always painfully slow when something goes wrong. Hopefully the changes they’re making to the times on stuff like this well help them get their act together.

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To add it’s real sad what happened to this guy, wont go into it here but if you do some digging you can find out. RIP aussie50

Hello, please could you let me know if you got it back and if so how long did it take. Same situation with me and would be great to know if its likely to be refunded or not , cheers.


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When the machine reconciles if it’s in credit then it’ll report back and the money will arrive back.

You can let monzo know but they can’t do anything until the machine is either checked over by whoever owns it or until it provides an update on its own. Monzo will contact them to start the process if required.

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That’s funny as you had 3 posts in a row all about the same thing. Now you only have 1.

So yes it was, but it’s out of context now as 2 posts have vanished from view

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