Monzo problems

Monzo should concentrate on the ongoing problems they have and stop publishing the fact they have people joining each day!
My cash in PayPoint has yet to be found it’s gone missing? 3 days now am waiting and have my receipt AM :frowning: All chat etc say is We look into it? Technical problem? Wait till Tuesday? :rage: started a switch to a high st bank!!!

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Obviously, that is very frustrating. Especially if you had a receipt that proved you paid it in you would hope that it would be a quick fix. Hopefully it is just because it is the weekend and it will be resolved soon.


Thank you for your reply x

Don’t worry, monzo have different teams that specialise in different areas.

The advantage of this is they don’t have to stop everything because of one issue :slight_smile:

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:blush: thanks x

have you already started the switch before it got resolved or you going to switch when it get resolved


I have closed my account x

My reply is by email :blush:

maybe they taking thier time now that you aint a customer no more

I’m really sorry to hear that @Cypria, if you’d like me to take a look to see if there’s anything I can do, DM me your email :slight_smile:

Bad customer service then

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