Cashback tracked - but not paid after 35 days

Has anyone else had any issues with Cashback not being paid after it has tracked and after it has been 35 days…

Bought two items on eBay last month.

Both tracked fine. 35 days came and went (I mean the screenshot says only wait 30 days but T&C’s says it’s up to 35 days)

Neither was paid.

Contacted customer service, sent around 5 different people and finally ended up with a form to fill out a missing Cashback. But the app knows it’s already tracked?

Anyone else had Cashback not paid?

Example below of one of the transactions.

Currently in “escalation” with engineers.

You’ve already posted this here:

Clearly something’s broken. It’s the holiday period now so the team looking after this might not be around. I would contact support, but personally I’d wait for it to be a working day again before doing so as this will probably need to be escalated.

I did already post it. But was ignored. So I posted a full back story here. Is that an issue?

This is after all the “help” section.


The cash back thread was the right place to put it. It doesn’t need duplicating.

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I would say there’s too much going on in that thread as it is. This is a separate bug/problem that others might be facing too.

Case is raised anyway with CS/engineers.

If necessary feel free to merge with the other thread.

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I had the same issue with eBay too. No CASHBACK given. Reported it and still awaiting an outcome. I don’t think Monzo have ironed out all the kinks yet on this CASHBACK feature. Not ideal having to track our own CASHBACK credits when it should be automatic. Can’t wait for Chase to start accepting people who closed their accounts for us to reapply coz I think i would prefer Chase (well until they change their cashback offer)


You forgot to shout CASHBACK once towards the end of your post.


Thanks for sharing. Raise it with CS! or you never know they might see this post.

I have a feeling your phone is auto correcting the word Cashback to capital letters! :blush:

Didn’t you close your Monzo account once and then beg to come back?


It isn’t. It’s lowercase at the end.

The imbalance is upsetting.

This has gone well. The one other user comment was someone who had a different issue too.

I do get your pain though - that other thread is filled with people going ‘I spend £70 a week at Aldi, why don’t I have a cashback offer for Aldi?’ every time the offers refresh, but ultimately bar the actual support via chat, it’s the best place for something like this to go.


That I fully agree, the other thread is filled with “Cashback is not valid for me” comments

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I’ve had cashback on three occasions admittedly from the same store (Boots) and not had a problem. Shows as pending and into my account approximately two days after purchase.

Yep, goes to show, going over 35 days being tracked is a bit of a strange one. Seems the trend at present is just “eBay”

Happy New Year everyone anyway!

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lol @ndrw no the cashback is just how it was saved in my phone. I’ve made sure now it’s in lower case so nobody gets anxiety over the caps lol

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The cashback team monitor that topic for feedback.

If you create another topic here, you’re assuming they trawl through the entire help section looking at all sorts of things that’s potentially nothing to do with them. Which I think is unlikely, and is why moderators generally merge everything into the one topic.

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Little update, still waiting on support, followed up with them on Friday, told they’re still investigating. In other news my TopCashback paid out which was a different order, around the same time. So the fact TopC beat Monzo…says a lot :smile:

I use Quidco and their payouts normally take about 90 days