Cash withdrawal limit

My card withdrawal limits say £400. I have a joint and a single account. The max I can withdraw from my joint is £250 and from my single account it’s £150. It’s says transaction failed or limit exceeded if I try and take more. WTF is going on? Does Monzo spread the withdrawal limit across my two accounts and if so why does my limit still say £400 and not £250/£150?

Also, does anyone know how I can get more out? I’ve seen people mention temporary limit increases, is that really a thing and if it is why isn’t it in the help section?

It’s £400 per person, I believe. Presumably the other joint account holder could withdraw money for you?

If you search the help section of the app for “contact us” you should be able to initiate a chat.

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I’ve not seen temporary cash withdrawal limit increases - there’s no harm in asking though.

Personally if it’s a large cash purchase, I’d rather pay someone with my card / Paypal for better protection or bank transfer so I at least have proof of payment.

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My husband has just withdrawn £250 from our joint account (on the same day), so I guess the card withdrawal limits are kind of nonsense!

It’s £400 per person not per account.

If you need to take a larger amount out for a specific reason you can contact chat and they’ll increase it for that day

Most banks have ATM limits. I don’t monzo’s are much different to the ‘average’.
As I’ve mentioned before the wife can get £1000 out of her NatWest but my highest is £500.
If I need a lot of cash I need to transfer to a bank which has counter services.
More often than not like others have said I will bank transfer or use my card.


Person specific not account specific.

Thanks everyone. I’ve been able to chat with support person by searching ‘contact us’ in the help area and they can provide a temporary increase.
I’ll suggest to them that the limits say “£400 per person” instead of per card/account

One more thing, I got caught out by the ATM limits too. The NatWest ATM must have had a limit (250?) but instead of telling me, it was just cancelling my request with no explanation. I then went to an RBS one and it said the ATM limit was £790. Job done now, got the money I needed!

Unfortunately, Monzo don’t have any control over ATMs. They’re managed by the bank that owns them.

Does anyone know how Monzo works when you need to take out a large amount of cash say to buy a second hand car?

Yes, I’ve had to do this loads to pay my builder.

  • make sure you have your passport to hand and make sure the amount is available in the account and not in any pots
  • in the help section search ‘contact’ and then choose the ‘chat with us’ option. You’ll need to do this first thing in the morning as it takes ages for them to reply
  • when you start a chat you need to say how much you want, from which account and what it’s for
  • they’ll then ask for a pic and should enable you to withdraw more from your account (there’s still limits per month - can’t remember how much they are)
  • you’ll only have that day to get the money out and ATMs have different limits so be aware of that

All in all it’s a massive hassle so if you can transfer the money to a bank that has counter services then that will be easier!

Last time I bought a second hand car I just transferred the money by Faster pay large quantities of cash are not helpful and a bank transfer is easy if you need the limit raising ask in app

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