Cash Withdrawal at ATM

I’m new to Monzo plus and when using my card at the ATM it would only allow me to withdraw £100 at one time when I required £150 I tried to use the card again but it said transaction not authorised, I can’t see anywhere where there is a withdrawal cap is it the ATM or Monzo blocking the transaction?

Click into your main account > Account (at the top) and then scroll and it says “Limits”

It’s £400 per 24 hours normally.

Some ATMs have a cap as standard or if they are running low. I’ve never heard of Monzo having low limits like that on their end, probably just the ATM.

One way to find out would be to withdraw £100 then re-insert card and see if it offers £0 or £100 again. Or try different ATM…

Thanks for the replies I did try to take money out again afterwards but it was refused, will try another ATM and see if the problem persists.

Thanks again!

Did you also check your limits in app?

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