Cash deposit monzo Paypoint successful but app says declined

Hi can anyone help me, just deposited cash via Paypoint it loaded successfully, however on the app it says declined… No luck on chat as advisors taking a while to reply. Has anyone had this issue.

Thanks in advance

Did you get a receipt?

Yes have receipt says sucesfull cash will be loaded in 10mins however app says cash declined

That’s very odd

At least you have your receipt as proof :+1:

Waiting times are probably slightly higher today coz of pay day but they’ll get to you soon. If you take a photo of the receipt and add it to the chat then they’ll be able to look at that as soon as they get to you

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Yes done that already, thanks will keep you posted


The only reason I can think of is that it says declined is that the cashier pressed cancel within that 10 minute window, which if I remember correctly they can.

Really they can do that even its it been processed as sucesfull wouldn’t this be a massive fraud risk. Thanks though :+1:

Just had a look,

Here’s the real reason for the 10 minute delay so ignore what I said above

According to that you shouldn’t be getting a successful receipt with a declined message in monzo.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I guessed it was a 10 minute window for processing purposes. Its very odd how this has happened. I’ve contacted support with the reciept for proof, unfortunately monzo does not operate the best customer service. Hopefully will have an update Monday.


Response from specialists can take quite a bit of time , plus they might have to liaise with paypoint.

Hopefully not too long

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Will let you know the outcome :+1: