Card will expire this month but I've not been contacted about a new one

Hi, my card is going to expire May 2021. The Monzo app FAQs say that I should have been contacted a few months before the expiry date about a new card delivery. I haven’t heard anything about a new card and if I try to order a new one I have to pay £5 for delivery which I’d rather not.

What should I do in this situation? It seems like my card is going to expire in a few weeks and the only way for me to get a new one is to pay.


Have you contacted support and asked? I agree that a Saturday may not be the best day to attempt that but it’s still worth getting the question on record even if you don’t get an answer until Monday.

I can’t say for sure, obviously, but I imagine they’ll get one out to you from there.

Did you consider asking Monzo?

Why have you tagged this topic as ‘fraud’?

Is there more information surrounding the reason you need to replace your card?

Fraud tag was an accident, I’m posting on my phone.

I managed to get to the chat section of the app (which wasn’t so easy to find) and it’s sorted. I made the thread because I wasn’t sure that the chat support was still offered.