Joint account card expiring soon

Both my personal and joint account cards expire at the same time.

Monzo alerted me and let me send a replacement for my personal account already but I have no such alert for the joint account.

If I click on manage and replace card on the joint account I can order a replacement card but non of the options match with ‘card is expiring soon’, they are all things like card lost, stolen, damaged, etc

Will Monzo automatically send me a new card on the joint account? Do I need to select one of these other options in the app for a replacement and if I do will it have a new expiry date?

I tried to use the support/help but they all redirect me to FAQs which don’t answer my question and I can’t find a live chat link anywhere

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Monzo will send you a new card, I believe 2 weeks before your current one expires to allow the post time to get there


Ahh okay great, thank you :slight_smile: