New card before current expires


I’ve been using my Monzo Card for a while now, and I love it.
I’m going to live abroad for a few months later this year and, right in the middle of my leave, the card will expire (of course, Murphy’s law).

If I ask for a replacement card now (i.e. as damaged), is the expiration date going to be the same as my current one?

On the forum I found someone who asked and received a replacement while abroad (because they lost their card) but I’m not sure if that’s applicable to my situation and, to be honest, I’d much prefer avoid any inconvenience given that I know it will happen.

Thanks for any advice!

It will have a new card number and expiry date 3 years from issue


Sounds like it’s easier than I thought :slight_smile:
Thank you!


I’d never have thought to check this if I was in your situation. You sound very well organised! :blush:

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Yeah… I wish! I noticed by complete chance!
Actually, I should probably make sure no other documents are about to expire, thank you for reminding me :slight_smile: