Card transactions not showing

My payments that I have made at post office and Sainsbury’s for lunch aren’t showing on my spent feed on the app. Just wondered if it was me today or just in general. The payments were made by contactless.

Few reports on slack of feed not updating and no notification. All my balances showed as zero for a minute or 2 but back to normal now. Bank transfers have an issue that’s being investigated.
It’s having a moment

Thanks I just tried closing and reopening the app, its still showing nothing and I have received no notifications. I would say an issue of some kind if I am not the only one with the issue.

I had the same, I had a internal transfer from a pot to the main account and an outbound bank transfer, and it’s just caught up with itself, i.e. now showing (but wasn’t a few moments ago)

It’s not everyone which is the weird bit. Should update soon though

Will wait and see.

All working now.


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