Card still shown as frozen even though new card is activated and used

[iOS 9.3.5 - iPhone 5s] My account is still shown as frozen even though I have activated the new card.

Steps were:
0) :beers::beers::beers: -> Lost card -> :cry:

  1. Froze card
  2. Ordered new card
    …3 days later…
  3. Clicked the “My replacement card arrived”
  4. Entered new nine digit number
  5. Received the tick animation saying my “Replacement card ready”
  6. Animated back to the card page which still says “Defrost your card”
  7. Received the text with my new pin number

I’ve hard restarted the app, phone and been through steps 3-6 multiple times. I only ever got the text with the pin number the first time, but the app still thinks my card is frozen both on the “Card” screen and also under my balance on the “Home” screen, and also in the Notifications Widget.
I’ve even made purchases using my new card so it’s clearly not frozen that card as well. No mater what I do, I cannot remove the “card frozen” labels now.

It’s almost like the app is stuck in the frozen state and the card activation stage does not refresh the apps state.

Please can you either contact the in app support or send an email to and they’ll look into it.

Hi Josh,

Have done, thanks.

I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out.
Let us know how you get on :wink: