“Frozen card” decline message bug after card replacement

I just got the following notification after having my card replaced for being damaged (as opposed to cancelled due to being compromised):


I got my card replaced manually via in-app chat (as opposed to doing it myself in the app) so not sure if that’s the reason why, but in any case it seems like a bug… :sob:

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Sorry for the trouble :sleepy:

I haven’t looked at your account, but I suspect your card was frozen by whoever helped you as it needs to be frozen for you to have the option to activate the new card :sweat_smile:

Sorry if that wasn’t made clear to you!


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No, my problem is that every time I get a charge on the cancelled card I get the above message (even though my new card isn’t frozen). Looks like a bug to me…

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Yeah looks like a bug to me too. I’m sure I’ve seen separate wording before for an attempted charge on a no longer active card.

Either way the notification is confusing. It shouldn’t say “you can defrost it in the app” when it’s now impossible to interact with the old card.

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Ah sorry :see_no_evil:

I assume you’ve replaced your old card, by activating the new one in the app?

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Yes exactly, I first froze the (old) card to get the replace card button, then did “order a replacement card > asked by customer support” to get access to the “activate card” button, and then activated the new one.

Charges on the old card still trigger the frozen card decline notification.

If you get in touch it should be possible to get this sorted :+1:

Apologies again

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