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So I am a new user to monzo and I have set it all up and my card is being delivered but it is being delivered to a completely different address to the one on my account

How do you know the delivery address is different to the account address?


Your first card has to go to your registered address.

Why did you put in a different address?

So I set it up and it asked for my location so I clicked always allow and then continued I then went on ans it says that it is being sent to another address but on my personal details it has my home address

That isn’t accurate enough to be able to provide your home address and that’s not what it’s used for.

But the two addresses are like an hour and a half away

What two addresses?

When you register and give your address, Monzo verify you and your first card is sent to that address to try and stop fraud.

As Revels said. Allowing the app access to your location does not provide Monzo with your full postal address. That doesn’t happen on any service because it’s not accurate enough.

But I’m saying I live in Peterborough and it’s sending my card to London but I didn’t have to set address

The app doesn’t tell you the address the card is being sent to does it?

Please don’t post a screenshot, but where in the app can you see the two different addresses? Are you able to explain where you are in the app?

I smell something dodgy here!

You’re not explaining yourself very well so it’s really hard to understand what you’re referring to.

Your first card automatically gets sent to the address you entered when you signed up. There is no automated address finder button or the option of sending it to a different address. As far as I’m aware it just states that your card is “on the way”. It doesn’t say in the app where it is going to, so again it’s confusing as to what you’re referring to.

Have you got a screenshot, where you blur out your personal details? So we can see what you’re seeing?

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