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I haven’t seen a card imprinted be used since the early noughties, but last year I saw them being used twice at two separate places (Once at a local farm shop and once at a restaurant)… they do still exist. You would think in this day and age places would be instead supplied with separate stand alone ‘offline’ chip and pin machines for emergency use… even if only for the to cover their own arses - I’m sure I’ve heard that disputing a non chip and pin transaction these days leaves the merchant liable?

On the original subject, our joint cards arrived on the same day… but had two different suppliers… and the difference is… well… take a look!


NatWest hasn’t provided embossed cards for a while now… not sure when they stopped.

Got a lumpy card two years ago, non lumpy one about 6 months ago, so guessing they stopped it sometime in between…

That’s not strictly correct: debit cards are no longer embossed but there are new NatWest credit cards that are embossed.

The exact real life tone of Hot Coral cannot be digitally replicated. This is because it is a luminous tone, meaning it reflects more light than it absorbs, which is rare.

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I think the issues a bit over rated. I think issues just show more on a solid coloured card.

As with mine, IDEMIA has been the worst quality. Perhaps someone from Monzo could look into why this manufacturer is struggling to meet the standards of other manufacturers?

I’ve just received a new card (Monzo-instigated) and, similar to the above, was really surprised by the difference in colour of my new card.

My previous card (ICA 17704 TAG SYSTEMS) is a vibrant hot coral. My new card (IDEMIA 9 1689074A) can’t be described as anything other than salmon pink.

Quite surprised by the disparity between suppliers here.

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