Card numbers rub off

Does it bug anyone that the raised numbers on most banks card including monzo rubs off. As it’s raised it catches on my wallet and just makes it easy to run or scrap off when going in and out of wallet. Some now just print it on the card now.

Do you prefer

Raised imbedded numbers or would you prefer it to be printed on so it all smooth ? Maybe have the numbers on the back so the front can just be clear and hot coral

I can’t think of one card with raised numbers that haven’t rubbed off.

I’ve a couple of cards where the numbers are printed, but those cards can be used in the … paper swipe card machines of yesteryear (the name escapes me, although I saw one in use at a local car wash a few weeks ago, was amazed they were still around!).

Personally I don’t mind either way. I don’t need the raised numbers, but wary it might remove those small businesses from the chain if they all disappear. Another reason legacy banks still have them on cards?

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I think it’s fairly inevitable. Given the millions of cards even small banks like Monzo send out, saving 0.1p per card to get armour plated ink would soon add up

ZipZap. I haven’t seen one for a couple of decades.

The NatWest Reward account I recently had used printed numbers.

Starling has the numbers printed too on the reverse.

Personally it makes it look cheap and tacky without the emboss.

:point_up: I have this one where they made the mistake of printing white on teal before switching to black.


The Starling Business ones look slick as hell tho.

This has happened on any card with a raised set of numbers.

Sidenote: My Monzo numbers in white have rubbed off to the hot coral card colour meaning my Iphone can’t pick up the card numbers anymore…

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How could I forget ZipZap!

That’s literally what they invented Tippex for :joy:


Haha I lolle’d hard at that one :slight_smile:


Last time I saw one of those card machines in the UK was maybe 15 years ago. But I saw one only a few months ago in California when I was renting a bike. Although I wonder if they could just write the details in instead of copying them with the machine?

Although I’m also a bit torn on the flat cards, the indented numbers are so ingrained in me they just feel weird.

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The United Mileage Plus Explorer has the best type.

Its like a embossed but not punched type:

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Tip ex I like that one and the I have a NatWest one and that was just printed and not punched in. I do like a clear from and prefer it on the back show of the hot coral. To me it feels more premium.

I find that the Monzo card rubs off more easily than other cards


Me too. Cards with silver numbers seem to fare better, though maybe it’s just because it’s white underneath.

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Personally, I’m a fan of the printed cards over the embossed ones.
But I’ve always been a fan of minimalism. :grin:


Why have the numbers at all? Just a chip, contact, and MagStripe + Signature.


I’d appreciate a non-embossed card. Monzo cards definitely rub off faster that other cards I’ve had - within a week or two with my last one.

RBS have started doing them and I’m a fan.


This issue has been raised before.

If traveling overseas you can face acceptance problems if your card isn’t embossed.

Also non-embossed cards may not be accepted in the event of an issue with the payment network.

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On Line purchases?
Bank Transfers?

I like it simply and also minimalistic I get we still need that info on there I would just prefer the front hot coral plain with monzo and the back with the long number, Security and expiry date, a lot of people take pics with there monzo card also and for obviously reason you have to cover your info for security. so as the card is one of the attractions for monzo and is bragged about so much everything on the back just printed not punched into it would make it nicer and people can show of the card more when bragging and flashing in social media