Terrible card quality

Received my blue plus card today. Hate to say this because I love monzo but it looks like the cheapest nastiest card I have in my wallet. It’s actually rather embarrassing. Main issue is the white font on the raised digits - it looks like it has been painted on by hand. Anyone else thinking of cancelling during the first few days??

Nah my card is fine. You got a pic?

Take one in a bit. It is really awful though. It’s like a cheap pre paid card

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The quality of the Plus cards has been mentioned and tackled repeatedly in the Plus topic.

If it’s poor quality, contact Monzo and ask for a replacement, meanwhile return the one you have to them for them to assess it.

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This is my card, personally I’m happy with it. I got it so I had a different colour to my joint and business card.

Does anyone else’s card has the coral round the edge?

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Yeah it’s part of the design :blush:


Exactly not like he wasn’t warned.

The op only signed up to the forum 2 hours ago. Are Monzo actively telling folk on sign up via the app they have card production issues? If not, how were they warned?

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Being signed up to the forum doesn’t mean they didn’t read the forum first. We can’t say for definite that the OP didn’t know about the situation with Plus.

That said, nobody bothers reading anything but the last few posts of a topic, or so it seems like, so YMMV.


Possibly. Not everyone however is like you or I that would check things out. I doubt Monzo’s 2m plus customer all check the forum anytime they see anything new in the app

Isn’t there at least one huge thread already on all things card-quality?

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Alright calm down lol

The tipping has almost totally worn off mine already

Do you mean the white font?

Yep. In the trade its called tipping. Basically works like an old type writer ribbon. The Emboss head presses into the card through the ribbon leaving behind the colour.


I did get my dark blue plus few days ago, to be honest I was not impressed.
I mean, was I expecting something sexier? Maybe yes, but why would I ? The picture on the app was showing me very clearly how the card is going to look. I don’t really like it, I kinda like more the coral one but anyway my daily card is the joint one rather than personal plus one.
But I hope Monzo will pulll out a metal card anytime soon as so many other digital banks are getting into that, even Apple Credit Card lol. I really wish to have a metal card !!! A metal coral card omgggggggg

See: Monzo Metal Card

I agree. I love Monzo but the new cards are terrible. The original images for the Monzo Plus cards didn’t have the name and number on the front:

I was excited by this as I thought they were going to take the Starling route:

Very disappointed.

Thanks for this. I’ll contact them now.