Card payments may fail and bank transfers may fail or be delayed 23/04/2018 (Resolved)

I imagine this is what actually happened as FPS can take up to 2hrs but everyone expects than instantly… which is where the problem can be.

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Some FPS operations are synchronous where Monzo requires an immediate response from BACS like whether or not that particular account exists, etc. Those operations can’t easily be queued as the user needs immediate feedback whether the operation succeeded or not.

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That’s what I said… it would be hard to defend a case where one knowingly spent the funds.

However, as @anon44204028 alluded to, it’s not definitively illegal in all circumstances. The Financial Ombudsman would certainly view you sympathetically if you unknowingly spent a relatively small amount of funds placed into your account in error.


How come everytime Monzo’s goes down, half the thread ends up deflecting it to another bank? TSB bore the brunt this time.

Banks. Go. Down. Sometimes. :wink:


I’d say it’s normal to inquire whether two outages are linked, as it could very well be a problem with a third-party affecting both banks.

Did this / is this also impact Direct Debits ?

Don’t think so, direct debits are processed around midnight. If the outage was around that time then it could’ve affected them but that’s not the case now.

Push notifications would be the better option, but only if the situation warranted it. For FPS issues a prominent notification upon opening the app would suffice, but if it was an issue relating to card payments then a customer wide push notification would be better to avoid customer embarrasment


Thank you. I have an issue with DD’s not debiting my account today.

Not sure if it is related to my recent account switch (completed last Friday) or the subject of this thread.

Most likely neither. I would suggest getting in touch with Monzo to ask. Depending on what the DD is for, it’s often much easier to sort this out sooner rather than later …

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Rather unusually, although I normally receive texts about Monzo downtime, I didn’t get one today, but I did receive an email from TSB informing me of theirs.

I did that this morning. They thought my old account might have been debited but it was closed as part of the switch last week.

Oh, that rings a bell: I’ve had this happen to me during one of my switches: One DD wasn’t transferred across properly. My energy provider then tried to debit the amount from the old account. Due to the “redirection” being in place, that debit was then redirected to the new account, were it was collected a a day or two later. Afterwards I manually updated my DD with my energy provider.

So, if your DD was due today, you can either contact the provider and ask (in my case, my energy provider could tell me what was going on, but I guess that may not always be a fruitful conversation), or you could wait another day or two. I wouldn’t wait until next week, though.

Once the DD is collected, I would definitely get in touch with the provider, to check their billing department has your new account details on record. (I’ve heard that some utility and telecoms providers use a common DD service that doesn’t update their database when they get the message from BACS regarding the current account switch, so they’ll just keep debiting your old account).

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Interesting… I don’t receive any texts from Monzo, is it an opt-in feature? That being said, I prefer push notifications & pretty much open the app every other day on average.

You can subscribe to text messages from the status page;

Just click Subscribe to updates.


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I am opted in for these alerts but didn’t get one today to say there was a problem - but did receive a text to say the issue was resolved!


I don’t suppose if you know whether receiving these messages are free of charge?

It’s free of charge I believe but you should check with your network I guess. I am on O2 and never been charged for these.

Some networks charge even for receiving texts from certain numbers.

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It would depend on your plan but with most main UK telecoms providers if you are in the UK it is free to receive them. Maybe with some more obscure providers or if you roaming outside Europe it may cost you? You would need to check with your mobile company not with the bank!

RBS don’t charge me to receive weekly text alerts so I expect Monzo won’t charge me to receive an irregular text alert.