Card not arriving, wrong delivery dates suggested

I set up a joint account around a month ago, and still haven’t received my bank card. I have tried reordering 3 times now, definitely correct delivery address however each time it suggests a date from the previous month (eg most recently said it should arrive by Friday 17th but that date was in April and we are now in May). I don’t know how this can be resolved? Thank you

There is a postal delay due to the current pandemic however waiting a month is a sign that something has gone wrong somewhere.

You’ll need to contact Monzo in app where they can take a closer look at this.

The error with the date sounds odd, usually this kind of behaviour is indicative of the app needing to be updated or just reinstalled. While waiting for a reply I’d suggest that you delete the app, restart your phone and reinstall it just to be certain :slight_smile:


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