Card not accepted

I’ve seen the issues whilst on holiday about payments not working, it seems like the statuses state that the issue has been resolved but unfortunately since the resolved update was sent the card has always been declined in 3 different shops, so it looks like that it is in fact the card that is at fault. I have frozen the card and tried to get a new one delivered but as I am out of country it seems like I am basically screwed as the only delivery can be made to the UK but I am in Oz.
Is there any way I can prove it is the card and not the system and if it is get a new card?

I’ve found the status updates to be accurate. You might want to contact support via in-app chat to find out what’s happening in your case.

In the meantime you should be carrying a back-up card for such eventualities with the prepay beta or preview CA.


Always carry 2 cards for this eventuality. Monzo always recommend it.

I have also had a Monzo card fail because of wear and tear and not service issues.

If you ask in chat Monzo are generally very good at sending out replacements, even if you are abroad :slight_smile: