Waitlist for Monzo USA

I have UK Monzo card and applied for a USA one too since I moved in the USA a year ago.I am on waitlist since June 6th! How can I check when I’ll be able to get the USA card?
Thank you

Reach out to them on Twitter. I think you’ll have better luck there.

Curious if you’ve had any luck getting a Monzo USA card? (I already have one myself, but it would be good to know that they’re still issuing cards, which would indicate they’re still trying to move forward in the US.)

Hi, just realised I never replied.
No I haven’t heard back from them and don’t have a card yet :frowning:
I only have my UK one which I use in the states too.

Maybe try e-mailing the US team directly and see what they can do. It’s usa-help@monzo.com.