My Monzo card hasn't arrived, and the app does not give me any options to click on

I’m new to the UK, and I created a profile on the app and ordered my card. That was nearly a week ago, and my card hasn’t arrived.

When I look for help online, it says to click the help icon on the app, but there is no such icon on my app. There is only a button with the option to activate the card and an animated figure running and saying that my card is on its way.

I’m very frustrated. Do I have to deposit money into the account for the card to be sent? And where do I even find the account details? Help please.

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If it was nearly a week, then you probably ordered over the weekend? So if it was posted on Monday (best outcome) then it’s only had Tues/Weds/Thurs to arrive. In a lot of cases it’s next day but not always.

I think the app will only let you re-order a card once a certain amount of time has passed. I’m not 100% sure what that timeframe is but give it a few more days and it will let you re-order a replacement.

Unfortunately the app remains rather locked down until the card arrives I think.

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Email with the details, they should be able to tell you if a card was sent to the address you specified when signing up. Please also include the same email address you used to sign up to :monzo: with.


It tells you in app when the expected delivery date is for your card to arrive.

If you search in ‘help’ you will find the below to guide to follow:

There’s also postal delays in some areas due to the numbers of staff off with Covid. That could be slowing it down

Hi, ordered a monzo card on the 5th of January - it still hasn’t arrived? Pls Help!

Look up :arrow_up: