Card just received : App Crash

I just received my Mondo card. I clicked on the option in the iOS app to say my card had been delivered.

Just after it said “£100 has been added to your card” the app crashed (went away).

Restarting the app caused it to continue at this point & progress through to the text message etc

I do have the diagnostic log I can share if it’s useful (I didn’t have logs set to auto send in iOS). The crash appears to be during SSL handshake.

Note I am using iOS 9.3.2 beta 2.

Oh no, sorry to hear it crashed :bug: It’d be great if you could send the crash report / log out way so we could take a look and get to the bottom of it!

Where would you like me to send the crash too. I’d prefer not to post the details openly just in case there’s any info in there best not shared. thanks

Go ahead and send it via Intercom or to our support email Thanks!

Not sure when intercom is (a guess - do you mean via PM on the forum?).
I’ve emailed the log now.

Intercom is the customer support chat in the app.