Simplifying my wallet

I’ve been using Mondo for a couple of weeks now and I love it for its simplicity.

I’ve also been on the look-out for a simple wallet but couldn’t find anything minimalistic enough so tonight I stitched my own hacky wallet into existence and funny enough the colours work well with my new Mondo card :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Love it, got any tips for how you did this? I’ve been using a CNCH wallet for a while now and I fancy a change.

Haha - great! I’ve got a Bellroy wallet and I love it. Really slim.

A Bellroy was my second choice, love their designs.

I have one of these and love it. Pretty minimal!

Thos are all nice. Since I now only carry 3 cards this wallet is now around 4mm thick so you barely notice it in your pocket. Once Mondo comes out of beta I’ll only need to carry 2 cards around :slight_smile:

@RyanH I just bought some 2 inch elastic waistband from Etsy and also some polyester thread, then just found some random cloth for the middle and stitched away. Hope that helps!

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Crafty! turned out great :smiley:

That is the world’s smallest wallet. I’m too embarrassed
to show you mine. It’s these pesky store point cards…
Boots, Nandos, Superdrug… Where do you keep yours! :smiley:

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This is my wallet, no chance of it getting smaller anytime soon lol


@anon72173902 it looks like it’s had a hard and busy life, your wallet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I use the following app for loyalty cards which works reall well

Stocard - Loyalty Cards Wallet by Stocard


Thank you! I’m going to take a look now - been waiting for the apple wallet app to incorporate these cards!

I don’t actually have any store/points cards, when I’m in the UK I only carry my Mondo card, my Lloyds card, and my driving licence!

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I’ve looked at this stocard app a few times however with so many shops still having old scanners that can’t “see” phone screens do you often have issues using this?

Yes some store’s scanners do fail to scan phone screens. I just get the checkout person to enter manually.

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I’ve just ‘backed’ a ‘slimmy’ wallet. It has no ended on Indigogo, but you can find out more about it here if anyone else is interested. I carry way too many cards with me, and my current wallet is too full for my liking. Hopefully when my new one turns up I will be able to throw out some cards that haven’t seen the light of day for a few years!!

Hoping to just need to carry 4 cards with me…

  • Mondo
  • Current account
  • Driving license
  • Cinema card

DVLA are building driving licence for Apple wallet so hopefully you won’t need that one soon!!

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That excites me, more than it should!!

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A sneak peak:


Exciting stuff. I guess it only needs the long code nowadays for police use. Will be interesting to see if it’ll still be accepted as proof of age ID in that form or what happens there as it’s trivially easy and free to counterfeit at scale without a server check.

With that gone, my wallet would just be left with an NUS card (will drop when it expires), a Railcard (dreading the day I have to give that up), a Japanese e-money and transit card (no, I don’t know either), my arcade game profile card, some emergency cash notes, a front door key and my two main payment cards (the card currently known as Mondo and Barclays).

Hopefully in the next few years I’ll be down to just two or three cards that are only for places that still don’t support high value Apple Pay/Android Pay/etc. and a backup key/cash combo!

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