Payments issues

Hi, I’m not new to Monzo, but I am to the community. I have a couple of issues:

Firstly, my husband attempted to set up a standing order from his account (Halifax) to mine and was told by the staff in branch that they couldn’t guarantee the money would reach me as it looked because the account details didn’t match any recognised bank.

Second, I’ve tried 3 times to pay a bill today - the first two times typing all the details in and the third time scanning my card - only to have it declined every time on the basis that the expiry date was wrong.

Any ideas/advice?


The first one is usually due to the sort code being incorrect.

It’s 04-00-04

Due to all the 4s and 0s it’s easy to make a mistake, when inputting, reading or repeating the numbers.

The second one with the expiry date being wrong is strange. Who are you trying to pay and where are you scanning your card? :confused:

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one silly thing I have done with Monzo card payments before, is trying to use the prepaid card after they were all switched off, are you sure your using the latest card from Monzo ?

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Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I was trying to pay a Vodafone bill, having logged into the account on my phone, and using my phone camera to scan the card details in to the relevant fields.

Also, I’ve only ever received one card from Monzo and it’s worked fine today to pay for groceries at the supermarket.