Not supported on payment gateway UPG?

(Will) #1

Just had a very annoying call with autoaid - the moneysavingexpert recommended car breakdown company ( I tried paying online using my monzo card and I got a card declined error and “please ring us if this continues” line. They had a logo on the payment page from a payment processor called UPG.

Anyway I ring and a girl says they don’t accept monzo cards (at first she tries to tell me it’s a US based card - she wasn’t having it) Very frustrating.

One thing i did notice was the payment page asked for a start date on my card. What should I enter if it asks for this?


Monzo should be able to get in touch with the merchant and gently poke them to sort their stuff out. If they don’t see this it’s worth telling someone through the in app chat or through

A lot of cards do not have start dates as far as I know and the start date field is optional. You should be able to leave it blank.


Alternatively if you can’t leave it blank this is information we can see on our end :+1:

(Will) #4

Just to be clear - you cant leave it blank on their site. They have a dropdown for a startdate with no blank lines. :frowning:

I’ve submitted the item - and it’s coming back with a declined error. I’m hoping as the @BethS suggests this notifies monzo about the dodgy processor :slight_smile: