Getting declined, and no help from Monzo

Going travelling and planning to to use our Monzo individual and joint accounts as our main ‘bank’. But a PayPal, Oz visa payment and Western Union payment have all been declined by Monzo in the last few days. I’m not getting an useful feedback from Monzo. Is this usual? Any ideas.

Are you able to use your account at all or is it blocked?

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It’s not blocked. I’ve used it today for basic stuff while shopping.

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Are they particular declines you’re receiving? PayPal and Western Union should be fine - not tried a VISA myself, but can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work unless the merchants database is not up to date.


No joy with PayPal and WU. It wasn’t Visa, it was an Oz visa application that bounced. And I’m not getting any feedback from Monzo.

Are you receiving any particular errors?

I meant I hadn’t applied for a VISA, so I didn’t know about that, sorry I didn’t make that clear!

Just 'declined notifications.

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Is this on the app? What do the websites say?

Visa is a network just like Mastercard, so it would be an issue with the issuer, not with Visa.

OP, definitely need more details. Things like PayPal work for most of us.

I think OP means a travel visa for Australia


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If you’re not seeing notifications about the declines in your app it most likely means the merchant (or the processor) isn’t even trying to charge the card.

With PayPal, are you trying to use it from inside a PayPal account, or are you just trying to do a payment without signing in?

If you have the card associated with a paypal account and don’t sign in when paying a merchant and just try to pay by filling out your card details they will refuse to even try the card.

I think they also have a lifetime limit on how much a single card can pay through paypal without having an account. They’re a weird outfit.

Wow I feel stupid… It’s Sunday morning and I’ve had no coffee. I thought of it as like a Visa card payment and the bank was Oz… LOL