Card Declined and Immediate Refund

(Jonathon) #1

Unsure if this is card acceptance or an issue with my card. Reported to in-app support but thought I’d post here.

Just tried to purchase from Ted Baker in store, using PIN. Declined on the machine but on the app I see a debit and an immediate credit. Sort of screwed up my spending stats too…

(Shamil Nunhuck) #2

Had mine declined today, app isn’t opening on my iPhone so I can’t see what’s going on…

(Jonathon) #3

Did you get a notification? Mine said debited then “Refund” immediately after.

(Will) #4

I had this issue too at around 17:45. Reported via in-app chat but they didn’t seem to be aware of any issues. I’m guessing there’s a bigger issue here!

(FWIW, mine were ATM transactions and the multiple machines told me to contact my card provider).

(Jonathon) #5

Well the machine just said “Declined” but normally in the app it states declined and gives a reason. This time it didn’t it just was a debit then immediate credit.

I’ll have to wait until tomorrow for an answer in the app.

Time for this was about 18:40 or so.

(Hugh) #6

They lie. It is a reported issue and they are aware of it (not that any status update has gone out…)

Essentially, the terminal waits a set time for the bank to respond via MasterCard - if it doesn’t get that then it just cancels the transaction. This is why you get debit then instant credit because all Monzo sees in an authorization then a cancellation of that. I would guess their system isn’t responding quickly enough. I had the same issue at TfL this afternoon:

(Simon B) #7

We didn’t have an outage today as far as I can see :thinking:

It sounds like there was a slowdown in messages being transmitted, causing them to exceed the time-out limit that Hugh mentioned.

I don’t see a huge amount of people reporting problems at any of the times mentioned - conclusion being that it only affected a minority of users. To those who are affected, I’m very sorry about this!

Not to sound like a broken record but we’re building fallback procedures for the current account so this type of thing should basically never happen.

(Hugh) #8

Sorry, didn’t mean to suggest you’d done anything wrong!

The chat I had definitely implied there was an outage and it was broken for me over 4 hours, hence I was a little put out that there had been no status update :confused:

(Jonathon) #9

To my mind even if only a few people were experiencing an issue, a push notification should go out to all just saying there’s a small chance you’ll need to ensure you absolutely have another card on you.

For me it was no problem, I just paid with another card. For some it might be important to have that information, however small the issue may be.

(Hugh) #10

I had to go through the Underground on contactless which meant I couldn’t get the Railcard discount on my Oyster :frowning:

(James Brierley) #11

I suffered from this too. Made a payment, it was declined. Refunded that amount. Tried again, had a £0.00 card check and payment approved.

Transactions are now also being very very slow for me too, as it stand I have “last updated 5 hours ago”


I had this too, at around 3pm yesterday.


I had the same problem yesterday and the support team replied this

I had both notifications: the payment and the refund but it marked as declined on the merchant’s pos

(Jonathon) #14

Wow, well trust me Ted Baker’s terminals leave barely a second it seems!

11 seconds seems… a random number - any reason it’s this?


I was surprised because the shop I bought the items from usually accepts the card and took a lot longer that 11sec especially as it was one of those readers that had to link through PayPal.
I just haven’t had time to reply to the in app support. My card started working again in the afternoon but given that the card in question was the debit and not the prepaid card it did worry me a bit.
Wasn’t the point of building and in-app server to avoid those sorts of issues?
Also I had not received any notifications from Monzo letting me know that they were having troubles.
I had to transfer funds into my first direct account from Monzo to be able to pay

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