Card declined reporting


Declined for contactless in My Local yesterday, received the message ‘try chip and pin’ from the app, but had already used my curve contactless :slight_smile:

(Fahad Nari ) #43

My wifes mondo was declined in ASDA (chip & pin) today and my mondo was declined in boots yesterday. The number of declines seems to be increasing day by day.

(Brian J. Law) #44

I have had the same problem for months at the fuel station. My MasterCard and that of my wife’s is declined with contactless but I’m OK with pin.
I have had a new card this week but the problem persists!
Morrison’s say they have not heard of a problem!

(Michael) #45

Manchester Metrolink contactless payment at ticket machines declines Monzo cards. Haven’t tried chip and PIN yet. Will update to confirm.

(Michael) #46

Chip and PIN works but contactless declines.

(Michael Evans) #47

Partners card not going through on redspottedhanky…

(Josh Bray) #48

Was there anything showing up in the app? If not I’d ask the in app support team to look into it.

(Michael Evans) #49

Yeah it showed as having “gone through” as it were in the app. One of the nice customer service folks manually refunded it for her.

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(Tony Hoyle) #50

Co-op was declined today. Same store worked a few days ago… Monzo shows the transaction went through - I’m down 69p…

(Kim) #51

Mine and my sisters cards were both declined in ASDA today and at the cashpoint - after a transaction going through minutes earlier …

(Mike) #52

Just had my card declined trying to make a purchase in scribbler and John Lewis.

(Alex Sherwood) #53

Did you ask for cashback? If so, your card will be declined -

if not, were you trying to make a contactless payment or chip & pin? And just to check, you were using your Monzo cards to make the payments?

(Josh Bray) #54

[Monzo status] Investigating: All payments are failing temporarily

(Alex Sherwood) #55

And at the same time, were having issues - so I didn’t get the text notification :grimacing: (though it is displayed in the app)

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(Demetris Mavroudis ) #56

Contactless declined at Morrison’s cafe, Riverside retail park Norwich.

(Josh Bray) #57

The contactless at Morrison’s just doesn’t work. It’s a known issue


Declined at both Pizza Express and the Duchess Theatre in London.

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(Alex Sherwood) #59

Thanks for sharing this, if you could share a few more details to help other users who’d like to use Monzo with these merchants, that would be great -

  1. Did you try both contactless and chip & pin?
  2. Were there any error messages in the app?
  3. Did you ask the support team to look into this, if so what did they say?
(Stuart Cameron) #60

Pizza Express works for me, don’t normally use contactless as you can add a tip via the terminal.

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Hi! No error messages or anything, plenty of credit, Chip & Pin. Contactless wasn’t available for whatever reason. I haven’t asked the support team as I needed to pay then and there! Should I contact support every time this happens?

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