Card declined reporting

(sasson.mansoori) #22

My card has been repeatedly declined in various Vital Ingredients salad bars in Soho.


(Susan) #23

My card was declined in Costco today


(Rika) #24

Can confirm, Costco has strange rules about payments.

What forms of payment does Costco accept?
You may pay by cash, cheque, debit card and American Express. We don’t accept any other credit cards.

This is in addition to the strictly members only checkout (They get very weird about me paying and using my Mum’s membership card, even with her present. Makro and other similar stores don’t care.).

I’m guessing that Costco will need to whitelist Mondo. I’ve only ever successfully managed to use Visa debit cards from major high-street banks there.



Hi. Just been declined in M&S at the train station


(chris) #26
  • Morrisons contactless failed, pin worked
  • Morrisons petrol station failed with pin
    Arriva trains Wales, failed with pin


My card was declined at, through sagepay for £10.


(Charlie) #28

I’ve also had the problem with a contactless payment failing at Morrisons (PIN :lock: worked).


(Jessy Edgar) #29

My card was declined via contactless in Superdrug today, where its previously worked
and also EE wouldnt let me pay online

UPDATE: Tried to pay over the phone again at EE for my phone bill and mondo was declined. The customer service adviser informed me this is because its showing on their system as a non uk based credit card


(Liam Grant) #30

I tried to do a Pay at Pump at an Asda filling station and my card didn’t work. I assume it was because it doesn’t know how fuel you will take out so could only have £10 on the card and then fill up with £80?



it can be that merchants have not added new BIN codes to their database, e.g. not set up their systems to accept new card number sequences (the first 6 digits of any bank card))

this is often a problem with new banks (or quasi-banks), an example being the new Fidor Tap Mastercard Debit card being declined by Argos Card for paying bills. Something they admit will only be resolved when they update their BIN database.



Most contactless cards work contactless for a certain number of transactions and then they force you to use chip and pin to revalidate you still have the card in your possession. It could be if you successfully used it in Superdrug before that next time you try contactless there it will work again.



Interesting you say it should work on contactless first time. All other banks tell me any contactless card I receive must be usee in an ATM or POS to enable the contactless as a theft prevention step incase it lost in post to the customer



I have had other prepay/prepaid cards before from other firms (which is effectively what Mondo card is before they become a bank and issue debit cards) and they all said prepaid cards can not be used for things:

  1. pay at pump fuel purchase
  2. car hire deposits

Not sure why!


(Tom Thorpe) #35

I’m guessing mondo is different because the card is probably just a blank card until you receive it and associate it with your account by typing the number in the app. Combined with the fact all transactions have to be verified “online” so no POS will accept it before checking with mondo that the card is active. If it gets stolen before you receive it I doubt there’s anything anyone can do with it.



thanks @TomT for your informative reply


(Luke Roberts) #37

Got declined at a car parking ticket machine in Wolverhampton City Centre.

Machine recognised at first, put the pin in and then just nothing, sinply reverted to “please insert card”

So I’m assuming it just declined but didn’t notify me.

Been ok at other places and I know someone mentioned the co-op declining but I’ve not had issue at the one I’ve been to, however, do know that there are 2 types of co-ops so it could of been that maybe?


(Colin Robinson) #38

St Andrews Car Park, Norwich - accepted my pin but refused to take payment at two machines. Used my first direct card instead.

Worked ok as contactless at The Forum, Norwich.

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(Richard Bairwell) #39

Declined at a Paypoint branded ATM in “The Pit Stop”, 16 Mansfield Road, Clipstone, NG21 9EH with message “Card not accepted by LINK”. Machine is a standalone one in store (with “no charge for withdrawals or balance enquiries”): however, I do have a feeling it is an old-style “dialup on demand” one.

Also, about 5 minutes later (as I needed cash), the Mondo card was declined for cash-back at The Cooperative Food Store (NG21 9EQ), but was accepted for a straight-forward purchase.


(Dave Berry) #40

Cards only work at ATMs with MasterCard Logo on, the don’t work on link only machines. Also prepaid cards don’t apparently work for cashback. Presumably when Mondo is a bank they will join Link.

We’re OK, although nearest cash point is paypoint link only, down the road is Tesco express and their ATMs do work. Can’t imagine there’s much choice in Clipstone.


(Lauren Mann) #41

I got declined at a Sainsbury’s self-service checkout in London today. This was via chip and pin (because they haven’t implemented contactless yet :/). This was actually my first attempt at using the card with chip and pin so we shall see if it works in future.