Card declined reporting


Given that they never authorise the full amount, it could be that they’re afraid the card has no money in it and that prepaid card issues are more likely to tell them to F’ off where as standard debit card providers may let the account go overdrawn to process their transaction.

(Lyndsey) #93

Hello, the card doesn’t appear to work with the new contactless payment devices on the ticket machines in London Waterloo (says declined + doesn’t appear on the app at all). I’ve tried a few machines and the contactless works elsewhere.


Which generation card do you have, as they have different chips

(Hugh) #95

Does it explicitly say declined, or do you get an “unspecified system error”. If the card machine explicitly declines your card, that means either the machine couldn’t get online (although 2nd gen cards should work better offline) or Monzo declined the transaction. If the latter, you should get a notification.

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Costco now accept Monzo. Used it today!

(Rika Raybould) #97

Great to hear, they must have whitelisted our card BIN! :tada:

(Richard Edwards) #98

I was in email conversations with them for about a week & did have to send over the first few numbers of the card.

Ended up speaking to the point of sale manager and hey presto it worked.


I got Card not supported at the Sheraton in Stockholm using my 2nd gen CA card. Starling worked ok.


Card (contactless) declined at Tesco @ Piccadilly in London for around 8 quid. Used it about 45 mins prior at M&S Oxford St for about 7 pounds, which was OK.

No description other than “Card declined” in the app. Used a debit card and it went through fine. Had sufficient funds on the Monzo card and wasn’t frozen.


please see this:

(Bob) #102

I definitely had a notification at the top of the pre pay app homepage during the outage which lasted about 20 minutes around 7pm.


Thanks for the quick reply, that’s what it must’ve been. I didn’t see a notification, but I didn’t check before trying to pay. :smile:

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silly question - have you signed up for the free SMS notifications for account status - pre paid and current accounts have different links - the SMS let you know when there are problems with the cards ? :slight_smile:


Very nice, thanks for the info. I’ve signed up.


As someone who’s not even slightly techie…

In the future it be possible to get a push notification from the app if there are issues with Monzo?

This is supposed to be a modern bank. SMS Notifications are so last century.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #107

sign up using the status page links in the “text messages” below ( top right hand side of the linked page ) - for current account and pre paid cards

edit - sorry if you think SMS are so last century :slight_smile: , you could just try presenting your card, and not being techie at all - the POS terminal will just say declined :slight_smile:


On the prepaid app I do remember getting in-app notifications every time there are issues.


Yep. Notification at top of screen takes you to status page


It was just an idea. :slight_smile:

I notice that the CA doesn’t look like it’s having these issues so maybe once I’ve got mine it won’t be an issue.

I don’t often open my app before I buy stuff which is why I thought a push notification might work better

(Hugh) #111

The Current Account doesn’t use the 3rd party processor that keeps going down so yes, no issues :stuck_out_tongue: