Transaction declined but money taken


I used my Monzo card online on 3rd July to pre order a SIM card from Cape Town, South Africa. The transaction was immediately declined but payment still left my card. I’ve been told by the retailer that I’ll be refunded before to long. But I now have the worry that a larger transaction will be declined while I’m abroad but payment will still be taken leaving me short of funds. Has this happened to anyone else?
I repeated the transaction after linking my Monzo card to my PayPal account and then used it via PayPal, it worked fine.

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You might want to contact in-app chat, using the “Something wrong” button on the declined transaction. They will be able to look into the details as to why it was declined, and provide a more accurate answer (and hopefully reassurance) than we could with just general info.

For general information on how well :monzo: is likely to work in SA, have a look at this topic:


I don’t have a ’ something wrong’ button to use as the transaction on Monzo is labelled as pending. I know it was declined as the transaction declined message came up on the retailers order page. I’m guessing this is something the retailer needs to sort from their end.


There was an issue earlier today with cards being declined but money still being deducted from your displayed balance (fixed now) - Monzo have said via in-app chat that money isn’t actually being debited and they will sort this out, so get in touch with in-app support again and they will fix it.