Card automatically frozen

This morning my card was automatically frozen and I had a message in the app say they have spotted a suspicious transaction and that I should check my recent transactions and order a replacement card if I don’t recognise any of them.

The only transaction I don’t recognise is a declined attempt to use my card on a website I’ve never used with a US address. It says it was declined due an incorrect expiry date.

There was another transaction for the same website and declined due to incorrect expiry date a few days ago.

I try to order a new card as it says but the only relevant choice seems to be fraud and then it asks me which transaction and the declined transaction is not listed.

I then tried to get to the chat but it isn’t possible as the help for the transaction just says to check the expiry date and try again. There is no other option to access chat.

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Search ‘Contact Us’ in Help. Select ‘Contacting Support’, choose the option to chat in-app.

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