Frozen Card Notification

Hey guys,

Just seeing if anyone else has experienced this. Just ordered something for mothers day from amazon and a card, not too long after I got an automatic ‘suspicious transaction’ notification. I can’t see any other transactions today or attempted that weren’t mine, So I’m guessing it’s safe to unfreeze the card.

Has anyone else received this where there doesn’t appear to be anything suspicious? It’s not the first time I’ve ordered from amazon (sadly)

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Could be anything, are you delivering to your home address or regular address?

Quite likely safe to unfreeze if the only thing you’ve purchased if Amazon, but I’d be looking to order a replacement card just in case.

You might be onto something with the address, I’ve ordered it to my mums, I’ve done that before in the past though so maybe it’s just being very precautious today

I can’t see anything declined or pending, would ordering a new card leave me without being able to pay with monzo for a couple of days?

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Can’t recall if there’s an option for a damaged card which wouldn’t cancel your current, only lost and stolen would (don’t take my advice though).

You can message monzo via help and say you’d like a replacement if the option isn’t available when you do it yourself.

I had this happen this evening, not ordered anything online, no suspicious purchases, just seemed to trigger out of nowhere?! :man_shrugging:t3:

Welcome back.

Might be worth replacing your card if you’re concerned.

This can happen with renewal subscriptions you may have forgotten about with an older card.