Frozen card replacement

The user flow for getting a replacement card after it’s been frozen due to a suspicious transaction is a bit broken. I got a “Declined, the expiry date was wrong” notification for a US-based website I’ve never used, followed by a “We’ve frozen your card” notification. OK fair enough …

  • I click on the frozen card notification and follow the instructions to “order a replacement card from your Account screen”.
  • It then prompts “Let us know why you need a new card” (:roll_eyes: shouldn’t you know this already?) I choose “I’ve been a victim of fraud or theft” as its the best option from those presented.
  • Options now are “It’s been stolen” or “I don’t recognise a transaction” - I choose the latter.
  • There’s an “are you sure” checklist where I click Continue
  • Then it says “We need to ask you a few questions about security” - Next
  • “You’ll need a new card” - I click Get Started
  • “Which transactions is this about” - I click Select transactions but the problematic transaction is not listed…

I guess because there was no amount against the “Declined, the expiry date was wrong” entry it doesn’t get listed. But I’m a bit stuck as to how to get a new card issued.

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In app chat should be able to order you one, in the help section search contact us.

You can also send them these steps and they should be able to pass it on.