Captain Marvel

I’m really looking forward to this one, anyone else? She’s supposed to be the most powerful person in the MCU… Hence why Nick Fury called her just before getting dusted at the end of Infinity War…


Very much so, especially after I saw that they are doing the mohawk helmet!

Excited for this! Looks good so far!

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Can’t wait to see this. My wife is really excited to see it too. Result v

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Really looking forward to it :slight_smile: Don’t know if I can wait until March though!

The work on making Samuel L Jackson and Clark Gregg younger is something else.



Nick Fury with 2 eyes :scream:

Also explains why they launched the Deadpool 2 DVD with a pop up Blockbuster store

Bring it on!


I can’t wait to see this, but I’m a casual fan so I have no idea what is going on in the film. I’m assuming the old lady is a bad person? That punch looked massive :sweat_smile: hoping we get more hints when a second trailer comes out.


I’m assuming that they’re a Kree in disguise. Or she done fucked up and laid out a granny.


Can you imagine! Are there other examples of Kree disguising themselves like this in the MCU? I think they’ve mostly been in Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D and I can’t think of anything. I wan’t to know how she gets all these powers too as being half Kree can’t explain all that can it? (trying to avoid comic spoilers as I know the answers are out there but I want to find out in the movie!)

They haven’t. Because I’ve mixed up Kree and Skrull as usual. It’s the Skrull who have the shapeshifting ability.
There is an epic storyline involving a Kree/Skrull war. I have no idea if that’s going to be part of this or not.

So, this could be a hint that the Skrull are involved in some way. If they are then they’re not stopping with Infinity War on bringing in epic storylines. If only they could/would do World War Hulk. Sweet jesus.

News coming out the DIsney Marvel machine today:


And some more! Kevin is finally taking over xmen!!

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impatiently waiting for this

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I’ve only recently (properly) got into the marvel universe and I’m loving it. Need to catchup on some of the past films I’ve not seen.

I’ve watched a few on and off over the years.

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Don’t worry about watching the Hulk film.

Trust me, really don’t bother


What hulk film?!? :smirk: :flushed:

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