Spider Man : Far From Home

Is this set after Infinity War / Endgame then? Kind of a massive spoiler if so… Not that anyone expected them all to stay dead or anything :joy:

Is it just me, or does the presence of Happy Hogan and Nick Fury make it seem like Marvel are setting up Spider Man to “lead” the next 10 years of Marvel, in the same way Iron Man led the first 10 years? Between their presence and the fact that Tony is literally Peter’s mentor, seems like that’s what they are going for… with Iron Man probably bowing out / retiring peacefully after Endgame.


Yeah it’s set after endgame…

I’ve managed to avoid the captain marvel and endgame trailers so far. Fingers crossed I can keep it that way! #struggleisreal


You barely learn anything from the Endgame trailer to be honest.

I’m also massively down on trailers now and try to avoid them completely.

Its usually easy enough, except when you go to the bloody cinema and there’s nowhere to hide!

Yeah, so folk have been saying.

Avengers tower under construction.

I know they don’t have the rights but… Easter Egg for Oscorp or FF moving in?

I think likely after Endgame - no way they’re killing off Spiderman fully after the whole Sony - Marvel fiasco.

Its hard to see Spiderman becoming the Marvel poster-boy as they don’t have the rights but with the Fox/Disney talks it would be in Sony’s interest to allow them to keep using the license.

Trailer looks really fun!

New trailer, with massive Endgame spoiler in it so don’t watch it if you haven’t seen Endgame yet!


Excited :raised_hands:t3::grinning:

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I really hope you haven’t given the ending of endgame away…

Back in January?

That would be impressive given the movie wasn’t out yet and that Spiderman and Black Panther sequels had already been announced!

Ah no worries! Didn’t spot the date. I read the message and stopped looking. :joy:

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