Captain Marvel

(Simon B) #21

I skipped the Hulk film. The only MCU movie I haven’t seen, except for Ant Man, which I missed in cinemas but will watch soon before I watch the sequel.

(Eve) #22

An absolutely brilliant Twitter thread. Also regardless of whether she smiles more or less than other female or male superheroes, a generic superhero film featuring a male lead wouldn’t have garnered this sort of smile scrutiny. Period.

(Emma (still not the app)) #23

That’s a thing? Jesus :woman_facepalming:

Always keep a sunny disposition when you’re trying to regain lost memories and punching a granny

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(Eve) #24

Brie Larson reposted pictures from this tweet since she was getting tired of seeing comments like that. Always good to know you are expected to smile while punching bad guys, or you get called a bad actor with a “wooden” performance :sneezing_face:

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(Simon B) #25

Anyone seen it yet? Is it out? I’m seeing reviews pop up.

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(Matt C) #26

I think it is out on Thursday or Friday. I’m seeing it Friday evening - can’t wait!


Tickets are booked! :partying_face:

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(Simon B) #28


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(Emma (still not the app)) #29

That would be awesome as a hoodie. Think I need to buy it though

Worth it just for the notification


(Simon B) #30

This one’s still my personal favourite

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #31

Loved the film! :grin:

Certainly a must watch :sunglasses::tada: great humour mixed with a fantastic soundtrack, some brilliant songs too - not GotG level songs but good nevertheless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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(Simon B) #32

I saw it and I loved it. Brilliant film! Now roll on Endgame!