Linking Monzo to PayPal

I have a PayPal account, but can’t seem to link my Monzo account to withdraw funds. Can someone help?

In what way can’t you link? Is there an error?

You generally need to “confirm” linking of accounts from memory (I don’t have Paypal), so make sure you’ve done that?

Hmm… you must be entering details incorrectly. I’ve just set my Monzo a/c up on my Paypal a/c and withdrawn money.

As @tbutz said there are quite a number of “confirms”.

Check again.


Explain what you’ve tried, what isn’t working and what errors you’re getting.

Plenty of people have done this on here so it’s likely that you’ve just missed a step or something :slight_smile:

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I have a PayPal account, and when I go to add bank, on the first screen it asks for a 9 digit routing code. That’s as far as I get.

It wants a routing number, which monzo doesn’t have.

Sounds like your paypal account is set to US not UK.

Here is the screen I see when I go to add a bank account:


Many thanks, that was the issue, got it setup now


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