Still can't set up a direct debit on Very/Shop Direct Group

Hey guys.

Wondering if this is something that can be resolved? at present, it’s the only direct debit that won’t work.

I get this error:

" * Sorry, something wasn’t right there.
We can’t verify your bank details. This could be your bank account does not accept direct debits, it could be a savings account.
Or the name and address on the bank account is different to your Very account.
Or your bank does not share their data so the verification will come back as a fail.
Speak to your bank or we can try another bank account."

I can of course pay manually every month but it’d be so good if this could be resolved at some point!


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Very has been mentioned on here before so Monzo should be aware. But email and someone will make sure they’re on it.

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Thanks a lot! Didn’t realise there was a seperate address, i’ll drop them a line :slight_smile:

Is this a thing? When I set up a direct debit am I agreeing to my bank passing my personal info to a merchant?

I had this issue. They can accept it but you need to call them and a manager needs to do it. God knows why but that’s what I had to do. It took months to get sorted.

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That’s crazy. I did phone them once and it ended up giving me a massive stress-headache! :joy:

I then moved to live chat, then to social media and was given an email address to email.

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Good to know. I might have to go down that route…Crazy!!!