Can't transfer money to my Monzo card

I can’t seem to transfer money from my HSBC account to Monzo card. The HSBC transfer facility doesn’t seem to recognise my Monzo account no and sort code.

I am £6 overdrawn, and no way to get money onto the card, since top ups stopped working :(:man_facepalming:

Double check the sort code - it’s 04-00-04. It’s easy to mistype :slight_smile:

If you’re sure it’s correct, you’d be best contacting HSBC.

Like Liam said - it’s probably best to contact HSBC as they’d probably be able to do this manually if you are having issues trying to do it.

Don’t worry though - you won’t be charged for using £6 of your overdraft in the meantime, as you have a £20 buffer amount :grinning:

HSBC works for me, instantly sending money to my Monzo account. Can you give a bit more detail about the problems you are having? Is it in-app or full desktop site?

Okay I got it to work. Monzo app was showing me the wrong sort code. Thank you guys.


Glad you’ve managed to get it working :grinning:

Really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Has it changed to the proper one now or are you able to send a screen shot to in app help because that’s a serious issue