Cannot transfer funds from 2 x banks to monzo

I joined here in the hope someone can asnswer as searching on the web provides NO answers.
This link below says it can be done…it cant
I have tried to send my son (monzo bank) funds from Barclays & HSBC…both to no avail.
Both banks just will not go forward a page when entering his a/c and sort code.

I have tried on alternate days, and times still cant get to the transfer page.

Ive had no problems with bank transfers from Co-op, NS & I , Santander and Lloyds , I assume you have the correct sort code 04-00-04 :slight_smile:

Are you certain you have the numbers correct?

I’ve just got past the confirmation of payee page when entering Monzo sort code and my Monzo account number in HSBC app.

Do you get some kind of error message when confirmation of payee check is done?

I transfer money from Barclays and HSBC all the time with no problems.

Check the name on the monzo account, sort code, and account number. It might not be what you think it is!

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