Can't set up my account


Hi there! I was recently referred by my friend who had a golden ticket so I could sign up straight away. I started the sign-up process and downloaded the app. Now - when I go to the app and try to sign in, I enter my email address that I used when beginning my sign-up process, the app then says an email has been sent to me. The email arrives and says ‘tap the button below on your phone to log in to Monzo’. When I do that it takes me to the app and then the process just repeats - I put in my email address, it says I will get an email, I click on the link in the email to take me to the app, enter my email address and it says I will get an email…

Can you help?! Thanks

(#savetheseabass) #2

Contact and they’ll sort it for you :+1:


Hello @dancingbarns :wave:

Can you email so we can look into this for you and fix it! :hammer_and_wrench:


Thanks, I will do that!