New account - technical issue

Hi! I applied for a new account last week using a golden ticket from a friend but the app just keeps giving me a message that my application is being processed (3+ days). I have sent an email already but was told that there is a technical issue with my account. I was hoping to get my account set up before the 18th, as I will be doing some travelling after that. Any ideas? Is there still hope for me?



Hey :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with setting up an account!

You have already shot an email across to They’re normally super duper lightning fast at responding and getting issues fixed :smiley:

Did Monzo go into detail on what the ‘technical issue’ was? (Don’t feel like you have to share it here though :slight_smile:) Perhaps you could ask them for an ETA / see what’s taking them so long :wink:

Not sure there’s much the community can do with matters such as this - I’m very sure that Monzo will be back in touch as soon as they can be :smiley: