Cant pay online or send money


Details to reproduce:
App Version:


Have you contacted Monzo?

Suppose he can’t at this time

That’s not always the case for everyone.

OP, search contact in the app and speak to Monzo.

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sorry but no one here can help you with this… As others have said, you need to contact Customer Service

If you’re trying to use Pay Anyone please make sure the amount is less than £250 :+1:t3:


Why does it need to be less than £250? Just curious

Helps to cut down on fraud/money laundering.

It’s designed to just send small payments and help collect bits of money owed etc. Large amounts should be sent via bank transfer.

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Ah ok.

Sorry I thought that was a bank transfer the OP was trying to do

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What’s pay anyone?

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Never even knew that was a thing lol